About Big Dipper Tutoring & Writing LLC

Big Dipper Tutoring & Writing LLC offers practical and inspiriting educational tutoring and writing services dedicated to the great love of The Soul of the World. Ours is the affectionate lineage of the Enlightenment era’s wonderment for this shimmering Reality. We are the progeny of the deeper story of Western Civilization’s commitment to the human search for truth and meaning. This lineage has laid the naturalistic foundation for our civilization’s astoundingly humanistic and scientific society we enjoy today. Our hearts are attuned to the love of the ancestors; we give gratitude to all those who came before us. We maintain an upright mind, bravely seeking truth, dispelling the baneful, song-singers and way-finders to the Beloved Creator. We hereby return education unto its native root in joyful wonder in the living world of human (and more-than-human) life on Earth. We are readying the generations in beauty and in joy.


Subjects we offer:

English Literacy and Language Arts: including reading, writing, literature, comprehension, vocabulary, poetry and more.

Introductory Natural Sciences and Naturalist Studies: emphasis on local ecologies, plant and animal species, habitats, animal tracking, environmental awareness, evolutionary taxonomy, navigation and more.

Philosophy: logic, ethics, religious studies, spirituality, existentialism, epistemology, mythology, that sense of wonder, and more.

Social Studies: history, anthropology, sociology, cultural studies and more.

Foundational Mathematics: for basic education.

Arts and Crafts: knitting, crocheting, wool-spinning (spinning wheel and drop spindle), wool-carding and historic costuming.

Spirituality: guidance in an expansive, contemplative, devotional and heart-centered approach to the numinous, sacred, and humane within many religious traditions.

Life Skills for Young People: supportive mentoring in coming-of-age skills for teens and “tweens”, manners, cleanliness, respectfulness, accountability, social awareness, care for animals, time-keeping, basic money-handling, responsible citizenship, and more.

Physical Education: get out and play!

If you do not see your specific area of study listed here, take heart! We are able to work with a variety of requests from families who may be home-schoolers, alternative schoolers, or just care a lot about helping students develop certain skills. Furthermore, our approach is integrative: we know that students learn best when all the wondrous areas of learning are interconnected together holistically.

Big Dipper Tutoring and Writing Services also offers writing, editing, resume revising, college applications support and essay composition instruction, and related work for blogs, books, public outreach, and more.