Prayer By Gloria Fuertes


You are here on earth, our Father,
for I see you in the pine needle,
in the blue torso of the worker,
in the small girl who embroiders
with bent shoulder, mixing the thread on her finger.
Our Father here on earth,
in the furrow,
in the orchard,
in the mine,
in  the seaport,
in the movie house,
in the wine,
in the house of the doctor.
Our Father her on earth,
where you have your glory and your hell,
and your limbo in the cafes
where the rich have their cool drink.
Our Father who sits in school without paying,
you are in the grocery man,
and in the man who is hungry,
and in the poet-never in the usurer!
Our Father here on earth,
reading on a bench of the Prado,
you are the old man feeding breadcrumbs to the birds on the walk.
Our Father here on earth,
in the cigarette,  in the hearts
of all those who are good.
Father who can live anywhere,
God who moves into any loneliness,
you who quiet our anguish, hereon earth,
Our Father, yes we see you,
those of us who will see you soon,
wherever you are, or there in heaven.


translated from the Spanish by John Haines

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