Welcome to Big Dipper Tutoring & Writing LLC! We serve students of all ages and a variety of subjects in the Greater Seattle Area.

My name is Amber, and I created Big Dipper Tutoring & Writing LLC because I love the excitement of learning, discovering and critical thinking. I find great fulfillment in sharing with students this love of learning and inquiry.


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Amber (she’s the owner and tutor at Big Dipper Tutoring) has a really thoughtful, dedicated and attentive way of working with people. She’s very attuned to what students and families need, and she’s a fabulous writer. She’s really inspired to jump into whatever the student is working on. It’s clear she really has fun learning with people, too. If she doesn’t know the answer to something, she uses that as a strength! This is because she can take the mystery of not knowing an answer to everything and have fun researching with the student. She really shows kids especially that it’s OK to not know, because learning is full of fun and it’s always exploration. Highly recommended.

Client Review: Sara Crown

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